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Integrative Health – Tapping into Your Body’s Intelligence

Health is a precious gift and maintaining good health can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Ask yourself:

  • Do I take a multitude of medication to address chronic pain, stress and/or discomfort?
  • Do I envision having to take medication for the rest of my life?
  • Even with medication, am I still experiencing pain or discomfort?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the questions, then an Integrative approach using Natural Medicine may be for you.

Three areas within us, called the body, mind, and spirit, represent Whole Body Health as a part of Natural Medicine.  These areas are interdependent and influence each other to varying degrees.  While in constant interaction with one another, they are still very distinguishable. Maintaining a great foundation of health is about treating the WHOLE person – the “WHOLE YOU” – to promote healing, prevention, and maintenance.

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My Approach to Enable Your Healing Process

My model of Integrative Health addresses each client’s unique lifestyle blueprint, nutritional habits, stress levels and physiological functional blockages.  A detailed lifestyle program is constructed help remove external stressors (environmental, nutritional, emotional).  Internal stressors (hormonal, adrenal, immune, digestive, pathogen) are uncovered and provided a healing opportunity through the use of therapeutic high quality supplemention and food sources.  Ultimately, the five pillars of health (oxidation, regeneration, elimination, detoxification, and immune) are restored to regain optimum health and lasting change. Chronic illness does not have to be a life sentence.

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